Saturday, March 14, 2009

Second Opinion

My sister was in the same boat that I was. Her MRI came back with abnormalities, but her doctor offered to send her MRI with the report off to a doctor in Tucson who is heading up a study of ARVD. This doctor reviewed the MRI and said that to him, they looked normal and she didn't need to worry about the ARVD, but to get checked every year (or maybe it was every two years), but the point is, she didn't need to worry about the ARVD.

Meanwhile, I got scheduled to do the angiogram and biopsies next Wednesday. My sister called and suggested that I have this same doctor review my MRI before I undergo these procedures, so I called and spoke with my doctor and he's good friends with the guy, so he's going to send off my MRI and other pertinent info to him to see what he thinks before I do any further testing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that he has good news for me. That would be awesome, but I'm preparing myself for the possibility that I will need to do further testing.

Second opinions are good. Especially when one of the possible side effects of doing the biopsies is that the wall of my heart could rupture. That would be bad. Very bad. He's going to submit everything to the Tucson doctor on Monday and I'm hoping to have some word back from him by Friday.

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Seth Jaffee said...

Who's this Tucson doctor? Is he at the Tucson Heart Hospital? I hear that's some really good place for that kind of thing - it's relatively new, and when they built it I remember hearing it was supposed to be real good.

Good luck! If you need to come here to see the guy, be sure to give me a call! :)