Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome me to 2001

I had heard so many great things about "24" (a show that started in 2001!) and when season one came out on DVD, my sister and I split the cost of it and she took custody of it first. She and her husband ripped through them and then gave it to me to watch. Which I finally started to do on Sunday. I'm at 4 AM and I can totally see why people love it. I totally want to watch another episode, but I really need to get some sleep!

Yes, get ready... 2001, here I come!


Seth Jaffee said...

The first season was awesome until about 60% of the way through, then it was like they ran out of stuff, but the day wasn't over yet.

The second season was similar. Then they started getting better about keeping the storyline all the way through the season.

The best season overall is Season 5... so keep watching!

Chris said...

I have this awesome new game called Traders of Genoa... Wanna come play?

Stephanie said...

Hey - I actually haven't played that game, so yeah, let's play!!! :-)