Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm an idiot

I'm an idiot.

That's about all there is to say...

Here is a little story about what happens when you don't take your time doing something right...

KROQ is a radio station in Los Angeles that has a two day concert every December called the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. They always have fabulous line-ups and I always try to win tickets. This year they have an especially good line up (see for the details). My husband Jason really wants to go to Night 1, so I've been trying like a madperson to win tickets to either night.

They have been doing a contest called the 12 days of Christmas. Every morning they give out a clue designed to hint at where they have someone stationed with tickets for the pit and backstage passes.

Today they were giving away tickets to Night 2 which has Depeche Mode, the White Stripes and Coldplay. The day of Christmas was "5 Golden Rings". I figured out the clue almost immediately to be a very popular engagement ring store chain. There is a location RIGHT by my house (about 2 miles away), so I jumped in my car and drove over there. I didn't see anyone who looked like they had tickets, so I rushed off assuming they were at another location.

Well, they announced a winner about 45 minutes later and it turns out that I was at the right location!!!! There was a girl sitting on what looked like a bus stop bench and she had the tickets. Like a complete moron, I didn't get out of my car and go talk to her because she looked like she was just waiting for the bus and I was in a rush to try to get to the second location of the store.

I'm an idiot. I've been beating myself up all day because I KNEW where they were and I screwed it up. AARRRGH!!! Why am I so lame? The lesson I learned is to slow down and do something right. If I had actually parked my car and got out to look around, I probably would've talked to her and hence, won the freakin' tickets.

I know it's only a concert, but still, I just can't believe they were RIGHT THERE! and I missed them!!!! Chances are the next clues won't point to locations 2 miles from my house.

I just can't believe it.
I really can't.

My advice to everyone out there... take your time and do it right so you won't be an idiot like me.

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