Thursday, October 04, 2007

This is what one bag looks like

I pretty much got packed tonight! And amazingly, all my stuff fit in the bag with room to spare!!! SHOCK! I only need to pack up minor toiletries that I'll be using over the next day or so, but that's last minute stuff.

The actual method I used to pack was the "bundling" method as described on In fact, if you scroll down to the outlined blue-ish box, there's actually a link to an awesome diagram that shows you exactly how to do it. It works like a charm!!!

Here's what the bag looks like when it's unzipped...

And when it's all zipped up:

The bag is also a back pack, so I'm going to look like I'm traveling Amazing Race style! I'm going to be wearing jeans, shirt, hoodie and my black shoes. I'm strapping my warm coat on the outside of my bag, but worst case scenario, I can put it on.

Other than what I'm wearing, I packed:
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • Jean skirt (this is what the tights are for!)
  • Shirts: 2 long-sleeve, 1 medium sleeve, 1 BGG t-shirt (I'm a geek I know!), 1 dressier shirt for lunch, 1 sleeveless. Total: 6 shirts
  • 3 pairs of panties
  • 2 bras
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of tights
  • PJs
  • Long johns
  • Scarf
  • Cap
  • Gloves
  • Toiletries
  • Paperwork (Hotel, train, airline confirmations... Essen preview)
  • 2 books - Lonesome Dove and Talk Nerdy to Me (c'mon... I had to buy it with that title!)
  • Chargers - camera and phone
  • Earphones
In the Trader Joe's bag, I'm lugging the Mexican wrestling masks and my purse. So, it looks like I may be pretty much set! Now I can go see Avenue Q tomorrow night without worrying about my packing!

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Seth Jaffee said...

I see a furry kitty in that pic... is there room for her to stow away in your bag?